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Permanent Make Up
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Permanent makeup (PMU) often referred to as micro pigmentation is the revolutionary method of implanting hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin.

Using an ultra-thin needle and pigment, the shape of the eyebrows, eyes or lips is enhanced.

This treatment is sometimes wrongly confused with cosmetic tattoos (e.g. eyebrow tattoos or eyeliner tattoos). However, the pigments used for permanent makeup are introduced less deeply into the skin layer and have a different composition from tattoo inks.

Micropigmentation devices (machines) are also more refined than tattoo machines, and the techniques that are used are different.

Natural, soft or intense: are all possible with micro pigmentation, no matter the skin type.
Here at Make Up Spot Micropigmentation is performed using the Tracie Giles Indelibliner Digital device. Tracie Giles is a leader in permanent cosmetics here in the UK and Globally with over 25 years of experience. The permanent makeup techniques carried out at Make Up Spot have been taught by Indelibliner PMU artists at Tracie Giles Clinic situated in Knightsbridge London.

"Wake up with make up"

"Work out with make up"

"Effortless beauty with Permanent make up"

Microblading Solihull

The pigments penetrate the skin gently and efficiently, which makes the pigment last longer, Our pigments are made up of synthetic and organic formulas to ensure the safest and purest colour retention . Our Specialized needle formations can create crisp, natural hair strokes for an amazing result.

It is a misconception that a natural result can only be achieved by Microblading!

Digital Brows

  • Micropigmentation eyebrow procedures range from individual hair strokes for a very natural look to a shaded powder look, combination brow or ombre effect.
  • Digital Brows are suitable for all skin types
  • This virtually pain free technique takes approximately 3 hours from consultation to procedure and a top up appointment will be required with 4 - 6 weeks of the initial appointment.
  • Depending on how well you skin retains the pigment usually a client shouldnt require a colour boost appointment for at least 6 - 12 months afterwards.
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Tina Davies Colours

"So you might be thinking…. What is Microblading?"

Permanent Makeup Artist Solihull

Permanent makeup allows you to subtly give features shape and definition to enhance natural beauty in both men and women.

Besides boosting self-confidence, micro-pigmentation can also lead to a more active lifestyle, personal freedom and save quite a bit of time on makeup application.

In addition, the procedures have a stunning smudge-free effect that will last for several years.

PMU is also very suitable for people with allergies to regular makeup, contact lens wearers with sensitive eyes, people with glasses or people who are active in sports ... The possibilities are endless!


Prices for Digital Brows

Digital Brows Hair Strokes - £300

Digital Brows Combination Brows - £350.00

Digital Brows Ombre Brows - £350.00



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